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Velo Routier Version 2 650B Low Trail Frame (without braze-ons)

Cycles Toussaint

Yes, there is now a version 2.0 of the Velo Routier frame. In a fit of madness, we also have decided to have few frames in each size made as a “no braze-on frame” – without pump, brake, brake cables, dérailleur cables or shifters bosses and with 2 sets of bottle cage braze-ons on the seat and down tubes and fender attachments. The low-trail geometry and the tubing specifications of VR 1.0 remain the same. We are making the following minor changes:
  • increasing the rear axle dropout spacing from 130mm to 132.5mm to allow the more commonly available 135mm hubs and wheels sets to be fitted.
  • instead of vertical, the Velo Routier 2.0 will have adjustable horizontal rear drop outs which will allow for internal hub and fixed-gear builds.
  • the front fork crown will now have an underside 5mm threaded fitting to allow fenders to be attached to the crown directly.
  • the indent diameter of the chainstay and the clearance of the seatstays wil be increased from 52mm to 56mm to allow for wider fenders and tires.
  • Colour: French Tricolour Blue
The Velo Routier 2.0 continues to be our all purpose frame. Designed with classic French low trail geometry to fit 32-to-42mm wide 650B tires with fenders, the Velo Routier 2.0 is smooth and fast on pavement but comfortable when the road turns to gravel or dirt. Two bottle water mount mounts and frame pump pegs on the seat stays. The frame is full 4130 Cro-mo throughout TIG welded with a main triangle of double butted tubing and stays. The fork is Cro-mo with a wide clearance cast crown.

Base Features
- Classic French low trail geometry
- Cro-mo double butted tubing through-out tuned for frame size
- Cro-mo fork
- Clearance to fit up to 42mm wide 650b tires with fenders.
- Extended head-tube (25mm)

Detailed Frame Geometry

Braze-on and Attachments
- Rear rack eyelets
- Full fender eyelets at bridges and dropouts
- Two sets of water bottle bosses

Build Dimensions
- 132.5mm rear hub spacing
- 1" traditional English threaded headset
- 28.6mm front derailleur clamp size
- 27.2mm seat post size / 30 mm seatpost clamp I.D.

Max tire size width: 42mm

Any JIS 1" English threaded headset will work .
- 68mm English Threaded Bottom Bracket

- Bare frame weight 2177 grams (medium 54 cm frame)
- Bare fork weight 958 grams (for medium 54 cm frame)


The bosses on our VR frame will fit all regular long reach centre-pull brakes, Weinmann, Diacompe and Mafac. They need the DIA-COMPE Center-Pull To Braze-On Assembly Kit to make it work. The kit comes with replacements springs for Weinmann and DiaCompe brakes. Mafac brakes only need the plates and reuse the existing springs.

Paul Centre pull brakes WILL NOT work as they need cantilever braze-on brake posts with are larger in diameter than centre-pull brake post.

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