FSA E-System

FSA E-system features five levels of assistance, one that is neutral and four that are active. The motor features an integrated torque sensor and speed sensors, that adapts to different riding styles and changing conditions. 

Above 32km/h USA and Canada / 25km/h EU, FSA E-System hub shuts down and presents minimal friction and resistance to the drivetrain, allowing the rider to experience a natural and free pedaling motion.

The FSA E-System has a smartphone app and is compatible with Ant+ devices.


FSA E-System App

  • User Configurable Dashboard
  • Firmware Management
  • System Diagnostics
  • User Profile
 FSA E-System App

Your Devices

Connect E-system with your favorite Bike Computer devices from Garmin, Wahoo, Sigma and many others.  Compatible device List  

Reviews of FSA E-System

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