About Us


Who We Are
Cycles Toussaint is based in Calgary Alberta by Evan and is run by friends and long term working colleagues. We’ve all ridden bikes all of our lives. From three wheelers to BMX, road racing, track racing, touring, commuting and mountain biking, we just love bicycles and riding them. Even our children are now huge cycling enthusiasts.

Our Way
It’s not about being the lightest. Or the stiffest. Or the latest what-ever. It is about the right bike for the right ride. And we want you have the right bike for your ride.
Durability and Serviceability
We use reliable designs and proven materials. We design our bicycle and select components that are durable and as serviceable as possible into today’s throw-away age. Our frames can be repaired anywhere, by someone with torch and rod.
At Cycles Toussaint there is no “model” year. We don’t make changes for changes sake.  We strive to improve our bicycles and your riding experience on each of our go rounds. Build, Ride, Learn.

We don’t run huge advertising campaigns. We love racing but we don’t sponsor race teams. Our bicycles are for you. And if you do have a problem, we will do our best to make it right.
Be the Change
We pledge 25% of our profits to local bicycle advocacy initiatives that are helping to build bicycle friendly communities.