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DIA-COMPE Center-Pull To Braze-On Assembly Kit for one Brake


One set of spring and aluminum plate to mount  center-pull brake calipers (DIA-COMPE DC750 & GC610) to braze-on mounting posts. Will work with vintage DIA-COMPE and Weinmann brakes as well as MAFAC (use only aluminum plate with stock MAFAC springs).

Two sets are required for front and rear brakes.

Note. Traditional centre-pull braze-on posts are smaller diameter than cantilever brake braze-on posts. Paul Component centre-pull brakes WILL NOT fit on the Velo Routier frame as they use brake bosses that are the same as cantilever and linear pull brake bosses but are in a different location above the rim of the wheel.

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Whew! June 8 2018 DIA-COMPE Braze-On Assembly Kits back in stock!à